Hiking at Baldeneysee

On Saturday I decided to get up early and take the train to Baldeneysee on the river Ruhr to see the sun rise over the lake form Hügel and then hike on the Baldeneysteig trail in the mountains above.

Despite having to rise early on a day off work, this was the most beautiful experience. The weather was perfect for the occasion resulting in the gorgeous pictures you see below.



Arrival in Kupferdreh


Pictures from Copenhagen Part 5: Amager Beach

If the combination of small-town charm and modern architecture weren’t enough, a few metro stops from Copenhagen’s city center there is Amager Strandpark, featuring an artificial two kilometer island with sandy beaches. I was there one morning to watch this magnificent sunrise. Took me back to my Wangerooge trip last summer.

Copenhagen Beach Sunrise (2)Copenhagen Beach Sunrise (6)Copenhagen Beach Sunrise (1)Copenhagen Beach Sunrise (7)Copenhagen Beach Sunrise (5)Copenhagen Beach Sunrise (4)

Pictures from Slovenia Part 3: Mostnica Gorge

After climbing the mountains around Lake Bled on day 2 of our Slovenia trip, on day 3 we took the bus to Lake Bohinji in Triglav National Park. From there we hiked a few miles up to Stara Fuzina and on through Mostnica Gorge to the waterfall at its Northern end.

Mostnica Schlucht (2)

Mostnica Schlucht (1)

Mostnica Schlucht (3)


Mostnica Gorge itself is at times extremely narrow and you literally have to climb between roots and tree trunks to make your way through. Towards the end, though, you walk through a valley and are presented with beautiful vistas of the Julian Alps.

Almhütte im Triglav Nationalpark (2)

Almhütte im Triglav Nationalpark (3)

Pictures from Slovenia Part 2: Lake Bled

It’s been almost two years since M and I went to Berchtesgaden, so it was time again for our bi-annual hiking trip. So after landing in Ljubljana, we took the bus to Lake Bled and spent a couple of days there.

I highly recommend the hike up Osojnica Hill. It is pretty steep at times, but the views of the lake and its surroundings from up there are simply breathtaking.

Insel Bled

Bleder See Panorama von oben

I couldn’t get enough of the postcard-worthy views of Bled Island and the vegetation around Lake Bled.



Baum am See-01-01

Flora (1)

From our hotel room balcony we had a direct view of Bled Castle. And despite some rain on the first night and discouraging weather forecasts for the week, the new day welcomed us with this gorgeous view.

Burghügel Morgens

Burhgügel Dämmerung (1)

Burhgügel Dämmerung (2

Burghügel Nacht

Hiking in Heimbach (Eifel)

As there were two holidays last week, I decided to get out of town to take a short vacation in Heimbach (Eifel) for some hiking. The Eifel is only two hours away by train, but you feel so much closer to nature around all the forests and lakes.

Burg Hengebach

Burg Hengebach mit Brücke

The landscape is dominated by various reservoirs and dams, most notably the Rur dam. Below the view from the Hirschley atop the Kermeter onto the Rur lake.

Hirschley Panorama


More reservoirs downstream from the Rur dam.

Stauanlage Heimbach


The Art Nouveau hydro-electric power plant in Heimbach.