Pictures from Slovenia Part 1: Ljubljana

In my quest to visit the capitals of Europe, I was able to cross another one off the list this month: Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia.

The city is rather small, but features an interesting combination of architectural styles: The small, sometimes dilapidated houses in the Old Town had a Mediterranean flair, almost like Rome.

Ljubljana am Fluss (1)

Ljubljana am Fluss (2)

Ljubljana am Fluss (3)

On the other hand there are places like Republic Square and several residential high-rise buildings whose architecture seems influenced by Soviet ideals.

Republic Square

Ljubljana Plattenbau

And of course there is classic architecture from when Slovenia was under Habsburg rule that might just as well fit in Vienna.

Ljubljana Kathedrale (3)



Pictures from Ghent

My love of old cities had already taken me down to Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Heidelberg, so I don’t know why I had never been to Ghent, which is a lot closer. However, while all of these places feature beautiful medieval architecture, Ghent feels the most vibrant. Unlike Rothenburg, which forbids any changes that alter the cities appearance, Ghent feels more alive as it also incorporates modern elements in beautiful symbioses. And it is build around several rivers and canals which – as you can probably tell from the number of photos – has its very own appeal.

Day 1

The weather the first day wasn’t great, so all of that day’s pictures a bit gloomy.




Day 2

I got a very early start on the second day and was rewarded by these beautiful sights during the blue hour.




Mond über Kanal

Alte Post

On my way home, a final look back at the church towers that define Ghent’s skyline and are visible from almost anywhere in the city.

Look back

Pictures from Lübeck Part 2: The Faded

After Lübeck’s sights in part 1, this post is dedicated to the less splendid but no less interesting parts of town: signs of companies that have been in business for a long time; signs of companies that have been out of business for a long time. Starting with the now defunct Eden cinema that even has its own Wikipedia page.

Verblichen Eden Lichtspiele

Verblichen Transportlager

Verblichen Stavenstraße 39

Verblichen Gerüstbau

Verblichen Erwin Matutt Bürobedarf

Pictures from Lübeck Part 1: The Sights

Over the Easter holiday I spent two days in Lübeck, Northern Germany. With some of the highlights already published on my Instagram, here’s the full report.

Coming from the train station, you enter the city through Holstentor, its most iconic landmark.

Holstetor, St. Petri, Salzspeicher

Holstentor SPQL

Lübeck Cathedral with Mühlenteich.

Dom und Mühlenteich

The townhall below is particularly curious: it combines several different materials, colors and styles while also lacking a clear architectural focal point.

Rathaus (1)


In general, I just fell in love with the historic crow-stepped gable town houses you find everywhere.

Häuser (2)

Häuser (1)

Häuser mit Halbturm

Model of the historic city center with Holstentor on the left, town hall in the center and the cathedral at the bottom: