Pictures from Vienna Part 2: Modern Architecture

Even though its beautiful old architecture is the highlight of every Vienna trip, the city features amazing examples of modern architecture as well. At Vienna International Center, for instance.

Vienna International Center


Or the area of new construction around Central Station.


Wohnhaus am Bahnhof

A great example of combining old and new architecture is modern mumok situated among the old buildings of the Museumsquartier.


Pictures from Vienna Part 1: Old Architecture

Vienna was the latest destination on my Capitals of Europe list.

This city is so amazingly beautiful. It’s impossible to walk around and not be impressed by grand architecture everywhere you turn; with one exception, see end of this post. Particularly on the ring streets that opened up for development in 1865 after city fortifications there had been demolished.

Domkirche St. Stephan Klein

Karlskirche Klein

Hofburg Klein


My favorite place was the quiet park behind Palais Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein-Palais Klein

Even though other parks such as Volksgarten were pretty great, too.


Beach-feeling along Donaukanal on this hot summer day as cafés had put out beach chairs.


Standing out from all the grand buildings is this house on Liechtensteiner Straße that dares to be ugly.

Altes Haus Liechtensteiner Straße Mitte

Characters in John Lanchester’s Capital

Capital by John Lanchester has been mentioned on this blog several times [1], [2], [3] as it is one of my favorite books. I particularly like its many initially distinct, but eventually overlapping story lines.

When we read complex books like this in school, the teacher would make us plot out the locations where the story took place or visualize the connections between its characters.

I didn’t believe it at the time, but it’s true that such as structured approach to a story really does make you understand and thus appreciate it more. It’s too bad I didn’t have this realization back then. Sorry, Ms. Bartholdi.

So having just finished the book (again), I tried graphing the connections between all of the main characters (i.e. characters that are connected to two or more other characters). At the center is the We Want What You Have campaign that brings them all together.

Capital Characters

Escape from the City: Hiking at Lake Unterbach

Thanks to a public holiday I had the day off and decided to pay Düsseldorf-Unterbach and -Eller a visit. Thus checking off two more items from my list of 111 Places to see in Düsseldorf. I couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather to go hiking at Lake Unterbach (Unterbacher See).

Bootshafen Klein

Steg Klein

Großer Bootshafen Klein

On my way to Eller, this arch of unknown purpose caught my eye.

Fußgängerbrücke mit Bogen Klein