Lighting Design

The sub-title of this blog is “Travel and Technology” my two passions in life. This post, however, is about my third passion: theater. Specifically: lighting design.

I’ve been involved with drama groups since the 6th grade, when I joined the group at school as a stagehand. Many years later, I’m still working with some of these people, now mostly focusing on lighting design aspects.

This year has been the first time that I had an all-white stage to light. A white stage comes with a few challenges, but it is also a great opportunity to experiment with colors.

In this production the light design was very simple – only half a dozen different cues – but still accomplished setting the right moods for the show.

Full Stage

Weißes Frontlicht

Center Sidelight


Narrow Backlight for Intimate Scenes

Gasse Hinten

Low Green Backlight for Mysterious Scenes

Grünes Gegenlicht

Bright, Colorful Band Scenes


Solo Musician

Solo Links


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