Museum Insel Hombroich

The museum Insel Hombroich is a large park with several sculpture, installations and architecturally interesting buildings housing artwork. Even though it is not far from Düsseldorf, it’s a bit difficult to reach by public transportation, so until yesterday I had never been there.


Unfortunately, I picked the worst possible time to go. The weather was OK when I got there, but once I had gone past the first building, what started as a drizzle soon turned into a downpour.

Außenansicht Ecke

Decke (1)

Decke Klein

I walked around for a while, but couldn’t really enjoy it as I was getting soaked by the rain.


I eventually went back to the bus stop, and only then did the rain stop and the sun came out. Since there is only one every other hour, I called it a day and decided to come back some other time. Even from what little I’d seen, it’s definitely worth another visit.



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