Cataloging my Gadgets Part 2: Phones

Looking at the phones I’ve used over the years, I think it’s funny how until circa 2007 they used to get smaller with each generation. Once touch-screens were introduced, however, devices have been getting bigger with each generation.

Phones Small

Nokia 5110

In active use 1999-2003
Operating system(s) (proprietary)
Comments The first cellphone my family owned to be shared among family members.

Siemens MT50

In active use 2003-2005
Operating system(s) (proprietary)
Comments My first own cellphone.

Siemens M65

In active use 2005-2007
Operating system(s) (proprietary)
Comments Got this from one family member after they got a new phone and passed it on when I got the HTC S710.

HTC S710

In active use 2007-2010
Operating system(s) Windows Mobile 6
Comments My first smartphone, though with a traditional form factor.
Bought Outlook specifically so I could sync contacts, calendar etc. with my computer.


In active use 2010-2012
Operating system(s) Windows Phone 7
Comments My first “real” smartphone with a touch screen, cloud sync etc.

Nokia Lumia 920

In active use 2012-2015
Operating system(s) Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft Lumia 950

In active use Since 2015
Operating system(s) Windows 10 Mobile

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