Hiking in Haltern am See

After Oberhausen and Gelsenkirchen, the final destination in my trip through the Ruhr was Haltern am See.

My first stop there was at the Roman museum, educating me on Haltern’s role as a Roman military base. It seems to me this is an important chapter in the history of the city, judging by the number of streets I saw named after people involved with researching and excavating Haltern’s Roman past.

I also went to the town square to see the two other sights mentioned on Haltern’s Wikipedia page: its old town hall and church. Not much to see, but I wanted to check them off my list.

Haltern Altes Rathaus Haltern Kirche

The town’s main attraction for me, though, was the lake and the roughly 10km hiking path around it. I have been told that the “correct” way to walk around the lake is clockwise, so I did just that.

There are benches every few hundred meters, so when you tire, you can sit down and take in the beautiful lake panorama. Very relaxing.

Haltern See Panorama

Haltern See mit Booten und Enten

Before taking the train back home, I concluded the day with a glass of delicious grape juice at WuGaT, the premier destination for wine lovers in Haltern according to what I had been told.



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