Pictures from Oberhausen

The Ruhr region is so close to home, I normally don’t see it as a travel destination. So when I was in Oberhausen for the Wonders of Nature exhibition, I took the opportunity to see more of this region, travelling from Oberhausen to Gelsenkirchen and on to Haltern am See.

Looking from the Gasometer towards Essen, showing what little has remained of the formerly heavily industrialized region.

Oberhausen Industrie

The area around the Gasometer is crisscrossed by paths for every means of transportation: canals, highways, train tracks and bicycle paths.

Oberhausen Boot, Bahn, Fahrrad

Train-tracks surrounded by lush greens. From up high, they look almost like a model train set.

Oberhausen Schienen

Courthouse in down-town Oberhausen.

Oberhausen Amtsgericht


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