Pictures from Rome Part 4: Forum Romanum

When you’re standing outside the Forum Romanum it doesn’t look like much: a bunch of rocks and a few columns.

Forum Romanum Panorama

But once you’re inside standing amidst the ruins, you get a sense of what this place must have looked like when all those buildings were still standing.

Forum Romanum Inside

And you can’t help but wonder what an impact it must have had on the people walking in between these buildings. At the platform above the forum there are these illustrations showing what the buildings probably looked like and how they evolved over the centuries as the Roman Republic/Empire itself also evolved.

Forum Romanum as it used to look like


Looking towards St. Peter’s Basilica, which I would visit the following day.

Forum Romanum View towards St Peter's Basilica

I don’t know where this gate leads to, but found it interesting with how much effort it had been decorated.

Gate Decorations

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