Pictures from Rome Part 2: Colosseum

No trip to Rome would be complete without a visit to the Colosseum. But even though it is an impressive looking structure, I got the feeling that you’ve seen it all pretty quickly. What I didn’t know beforehand was that only certain tours allow you to get to the upper and the underground levels. So maybe I missed out on a few things because I only got a regular ticket.

Speaking of tickets: the same ticket is valid for the Colosseum and the Forum Romanum right across the street. However, the lines in front of the latter are usually much shorter. And once you bought your ticket there you can go right through security at the Colosseum which is a much shorter wait than the ticket line there.

The first day was pretty sunny until suddenly storm clouds darkened the sky making for some interesting lighting effects.

Colosseum Dark Clouds

The remaining photos are from day three when it was more overcast.

Colosseum Full

Colosseum Interior

View from inside the Colosseum towards Forum Romanum.

Colosseum View Towards Forum Romanum

Detail showing the three classic types of columns used at the tree levels of the Colosseum’s exterior (from top to bottom): Corinthian, Ionic and Doric.

Colosseum Columns

Fun Fact: Recycle bins inside the Colosseum are also Colosseum-shaped.

Colosseum Recycle Bins

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