Pictures from Rome Part 1: Street Scenes

I have recently had the good fortune to escape my cold and cloudy hometown and spent a few days in wonderfully warm Rome. While I of course went to see the major sights (Colosseum, Forum Romanum, Vatican), just walking through the streets of Rome was probably my favorite part of the trip.

As you’re walking through Rome, you get a sense that most buildings here could (at the very least) use a fresh coat of paint. Still, the city never seems dirty, so it is all actually quite charming in a way.

Weathered Facade

One-Way Street

And just a few streets further, there these really beautiful little alleys and piazzas with lush greens. This really is my favorite sight in Rome.

Via Di San Francesco Di Sales

Piazza Margana

And of course there is the more than 2000 years old S.P.Q.R. which still adorns pretty much everything belonging to the city of Rome: ancient fountains (OK, that’s not that surprising) and also modern manhole covers, signs and the Roma Capitale letter head.

SPQR (2)

SPQR (1)

SPQR (3)

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