Definitely Too Many Gadgets

A few years ago, I posted a picture of my (then) new home office after having written about my previous setup a year earlier. This past month I’ve been remodeling my room and used this opportunity to change my setup again. While in previous years, I had only ever added more gadgets, this time I have actually simplified quite a bit.


Compared to the 2013 picture a couple of devices have gone that I simply had no use for anymore:

  • Since almost all of my Xbox 360 games now play on the Xbox One, I no longer need my Xbox 360. It now serves as a set top box for my parents, so they can run Netflix and a few other apps on their TV.
  • Instead of having to monitors, I now have just one 32 inch display. It’s actually a lot simpler to arrange windows on one screen using Windows’ snap features.
  • Since signing up for Netflix I no longer buy and rarely ever watch DVDs, so the external DVD drive is gone. I have a handful of Blu-ray disks which I watch on the Xbox One.
  • With all my family back in the country, I rarely make audio or video calls on Skype anymore, so the bulky headset is gone. Instead I sometimes use my phone’s headset with Skype’s mobile app.

I also got rid of stacks of installation disks containing old software that was taking up to much space in my desk drawers. So while still hang on to the installation disks of every major version of Windows since Windows 95, I did manage to let go of the 2001 edition of PowerDVD that came with the laptop I bought 15 years ago and that I probably haven’t used in  10 years.

In the end, I now have a much clearer desk and also more space in my room, as the new desk can now be substantially smaller than the old one.