Trip to Bern, Switzerland

I have a list of European capitals that I want to visit. So when I had a few days off work over New Year’s, I saw an opportunity to cross one off the list.

My destination of choice was Bern, Switzerland, since it has a convenient direct train connection to my home town and promised to be mostly free of New Year’s celebrations.

Granted, this time of year is not ideal for visiting, but at least it was as quiet as I had hoped. The weather wasn’t great, but I did get to walk around the charming old city and do some hiking in the nearby forests.


Altstadt bei Nacht

One thing I found quite surprising was the parliament building Bundeshaus. I had expected something a lot more modest, but instead the Swiss went all out with a very representative building, famously made almost entirely with materials and by artists and workmen from all over Switzerland.


And even the one day that it was raining almost non-stop wasn’t a complete loss: I found that Netflix offers quite a few shows in Switzerland that aren’t (yet?) available here in Germany, so I got to watch a few of those.


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