Running 2015

Since I got my Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS receiver in 2011, it has been recording thousands of waypoints from my runs. And like most runners, I have a few routes that I run most of the time, so when I view the map of a run in Garmin’s Training Center software, most look pretty much them same. Every now and then, however, I add some variation, resulting in more interesting pictures.

Sweat to Pictures

Over the course of a few months, I ran for a total of about three hours, expending about 3000 kcal (according to the software; no idea how accurate that estimate is) to create the raw GPS data for these images.

With the GPS data loaded into the software, I took a screenshot of each run as it was mapped. I then removed all street labels from the map, leaving just the image of the waypoints. Next, I aligned all images such that the first waypoint was at the same location in each one. Finally, I cropped them all to the same size and arranged the nine most interesting shapes in the nice 3×3 matrix you see below.

Running Art Full

These images also make a pretty animated GIF. But as it was too annoying to have on this page and look at all the time, so you’ll have to click this link to see it.


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