Museum Folkwang

While M was in town for Christmas, we went to see the Otto Steinert exhibit (and a few other things) at Museum Folkwang.

Blauer Block (2)

The Helmet by Los Carpinteros:

Los Carpinteros - Helmet

Visitor (not pictured) admiring a painting:

Betrachter vor Bild - Hochformat

Art on the walls of the underground car park:

Kunst in der Tiefgarage

All pictures taken with Microsoft Lumia 950.


Running 2015

Since I got my Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS receiver in 2011, it has been recording thousands of waypoints from my runs. And like most runners, I have a few routes that I run most of the time, so when I view the map of a run in Garmin’s Training Center software, most look pretty much them same. Every now and then, however, I add some variation, resulting in more interesting pictures.

Sweat to Pictures

Over the course of a few months, I ran for a total of about three hours, expending about 3000 kcal (according to the software; no idea how accurate that estimate is) to create the raw GPS data for these images.

With the GPS data loaded into the software, I took a screenshot of each run as it was mapped. I then removed all street labels from the map, leaving just the image of the waypoints. Next, I aligned all images such that the first waypoint was at the same location in each one. Finally, I cropped them all to the same size and arranged the nine most interesting shapes in the nice 3×3 matrix you see below.

Running Art Full

These images also make a pretty animated GIF. But as it was too annoying to have on this page and look at all the time, so you’ll have to click this link to see it.

Pictures from Paris Part 1

After Korbach and Dresden, Paris was the final city where our drama group was showing our production of [meˈliʎa]. So in November, I got to ride along in a transporter with our equipment for the eight hour drive to our partner school in Savigny-sur-Orge.

Autobahn nach Paris

The last time I was in Paris, I went there by train. Now, entering the city by car during rush-hour I had an opportunity to see the near infinite expanse of suburbs that make up the Paris metropolitan area. These clusters of high-rise apartment buildings, with high-ways cutting through seemed a bit dystopian.

Since only half a day was allocated for setting up and showing the play, there was plenty of time for a trip to Versailles.

Versailles Ceiling Lights (2)

The park seen reflected in the Sky Mirror.

Mirror Full

Vintage Sign

One night our host took us on a tour of the city center.