Neuss is a city just opposite my home town Düsseldorf across the river Rhine. And even though it is so close, I have never been there. Today, that changed.

Entering Neuss from Düsseldorf though the Obertor*, one of the last remnants of the medieval fortifications.


I went on one of the city tours called “Historic Neuss” (in German). And while the tour guide was clearly very knowledgeable about the city’s history, a fairly large part of the tour was dedicated to the Saint Quirinus church alone. I’m not sure whether that is because Neuss has little else to offer.

Qurinus Münster von innen

Kuppel des Quirinus Münster von unten

This fun piece of art right in the middle of a sidewalk honors the city’s utility workers.

Stadtwerke Denkmal

And while I don’t think this is officially an art installation, I think it nonetheless looks like one.

Monitor aufgespießed

Overcast fall day in the city park (“Stadtgarten”).


Interesting concrete architecture in the Clemens Sels Museum adjacent to the Obertor, thus ending my tour of the city right where it began.

Clemens Sels Museum (2)

* The Obertor photo at the beginning of this post was edited to make it more visually appealing by removing a street lamp, a few signs whose bright blue clashed with the tone I was going for and two bystanders who probably wouldn’t appreciate to show up on the internet.