Seeing Freiberg again

When I was in Dresden, I had one day to visit Freiberg, the town that I lived in for almost four years during college. I have been to Freiberg a few times since graduating, and on each visit the town looked better than it had before.

Stadtmodell (1)_thumb[2]

Nonetheless, there are still a striking number of buildings in the center of town that appear untouched at least since reunification 25 years ago.


I also went by the house that I used to live in, still featuring the world’s most ridiculous radiator


The very first official event was in the Physics building. Even at the time, the building was looking terrible and in dire need of major renovations. While most other buildings have seen substantial remodeling, this one is even 12 years later still in terrible shape.

Every time I visit I make sure to snap a picture of it. Here’s its entrance in 2007, 2011 and 2015. As you can see, there have been a few modifications (such as a new light on each visit), but the overall look is still pretty sad.

SONY DSCPhysik-2011Physik-2015


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