London Trip

My previous trip to London was on business, hence I had little time to explore the city. It was enough time, though, to make me want to come back and really see the city. So when M could add a few days to her London trip for us to see the city together, I gladly came along.

I have a bunch of pictures from this trip that I really like, but unfortunately, the selection is a bit random. I’ve compiled those pictures with a theme, in a second post.




Parking Garage


Turm Schwarzweiß

Seeing London from the Emirates Air Line is amazing. At just a few pounds (pay-as-you-go with Oyster card), it’s way cheaper than the London Eye, too.

Emirates Air Line

A random note on the floor of Liberty London (I did not push).

Random Note on the Floor

Not sure why a bank would sponsor these gray blocks between Millenium Bridge and St. Pauls, but they did.

HSBC Gates Schwarzweiß

London? Or Amsterdam? Hard to tell sometimes around the canal.

London or Amsterdam

Old Ford Lock