The Case of Garmin Training Center Crashing

Whenever I go running, I take my Garmin Forerunner 305 with me to track my progress (or lack thereof). It comes with a neat piece of software called Garmin Training Center which allows me to download the data recorded by the Forerunner to my PC for analysis.

The Problem

Garmin Training Center can also back up this data to a file. As I like to use OneDrive as my cloud backup, I stored that backup file on there as well. In upgrading to Windows 10, however, I had to change the location of my OneDrive folder.

The software remembers where I saved my last backup which is normally very convenient. However, that location no longer exists and when I click “Browse…” to change it, the software crashes.

The Solution

The last backup location is stored in the registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Garmin\Garmin Training Center(r)\Settings in BackupFilePath. Just have that point to an existing folder and you’ll be able to create backups again. Editing that value does not even require Administrator access as it’s in the current user hive.

The version of the Garmin Training Center PC software I use is 3.6.5. According to their website and the application’s own update functionality that is the latest version available.


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