Vintage Advertisement for Gisbert Hennessen Verlag

As the house at the corner of Kasernenstraße and Bastionstraße in Düsseldorf was torn down, it revealed this vintage advertisement on the neighboring building. The advertisement is for “Textil-Mitteilungen” a publication for the fashion industry which seems to have been published between 1948 and 2005 by the publishing house Gisbert Hennessen Verlag.

Advertisement "Textil-Mitteilungen"

Here’s what I found out about the company’s history: According to these reports, in the early 1980s Gisbert Hennessen Verlag moved its offices from Kasernenstraße to Königsallee 70. This is also the last known address according to this company profile saying the company does not exist anymore under that name. Probably, because according to the reports mentioned above, in 1988 the company was bought by Axel Springer (see also this 1987 Spiegel article) and renamed Branche & Business. Branche & Business was subsequently renamed B+B Media Company according to this press release from their new owner Management Capital, when they were merged with j’n’c into the European Professional Publishing Group.

Textil Mitteilungen as a brand still exists in the form of TM digital published by B+B Media Company.

I was also able find one of their early publications on Amazon: “Spielregeln der Mode” which translates to “Rules to the Game of Fashion”, published in 1949 and which references the Textil Mitteilungen.



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