Up Top Part 2: Altstadt Düsseldorf

Continuing from the Up Top series, I started last week, here are a few more pictures I took during that trip around Düsseldorf’s Altstadt.

This first building is very interesting, because at street level it’s very plain. On the upper floors, however, it features irregular but extremely rich decorations. Except on one side, that is, which is left without decorations at all. Furthermore, unlike most buildings on this street, this one has a flat roof.

My guess is that this building was partially damaged during World War II (roof and left side) and as building materials were scarce when it was rebuilt, it became what we see today.

Hohe & Bastionstraße DetailRitterstraße

Ritterstraße Detail

OrtskrankenkasseGlockenspiel Marktstraße


A Pair Of Boots

Early Sunday morning. A pair of boots. Just sitting there on the curb. No one around to wear them.

What’s their story?

Were they discarded? Someone bought a new pair and decided they didn’t need these anymore?

Was someone having a bit too much to drink the night before; deciding it would be easier to walk home bare feet?

Who can know these things?

Up Top Part 1: Stahlhof

Have you ever noticed, how when one walks through the streets one barely looks up buildings, but mostly notices what’s on the ground floor and maybe one floor up?

The first thing I did, when I got my 18-250mm lens, was point it upward towards the top of the church tower across the street: The golden weather vane against the deep blue sky. I love that picture.

So for this new series I decided to keep pointing my camera up and look what it might spot in places I might normally overlook.

For the first installment, I’ve chosen the Stahlhof in Düsseldorf (literally steel yard, not to be confused with the London Steelyard).

Stahlhof Gesamtansicht

Even at street level it’s an impressive looking structure, symbolizing the power of the steel industry when it was built.

But only when you stop to look up, do you see the most intricate decorations at its top-floor and atop its roof.

Stahlhof Seite

Stahlhof Schriftzug

Stahlhof Turm

Actually, these pictures were taken from a house across the street, because the colorful roof is almost invisible from the street. This is also the reason I couldn’t line up the center of the building itself and the tower in the shot properly. There just wasn’t a window there.

Here’s the ship at the top of the Stahlhof tower right next to two other sailboats in the center of Düsseldorf.

Drei Schiffe