Last Time In Korbach

Since 1999 I have been to Korbach a total of eight times with our drama group to the annual Theaterwoche Korbach (I wrote about it once before). Over the years, this town has grown on me and it saddens me that I’ll probably never go there again.


So I made some time during this last trip, to walk around the town and take in the old-timey buildings around the center of town. Unfortunately, I didn’t have room in my luggage for my camera so these pictures taken with my phone will have to do.

Kirche mit SpiegelungSchule

And this one I took just for #VintageTypography-loving M:

Vintage Typography



Until now, the photographs on this blog have been mostly about documenting my travels. With this post I want to take it into a different direction: photographing with purpose. The theme of this first set of pictures is simply Lines.

Lines - 15-05-25 Art Project

Lines - 15-05-16 Sporthalle Korbach

Lines - 14-06-13 Kabel

I have a few more ideas. We’ll see how this goes.

Industry in Düsseldorf Flingern

I have recently become fascinated with industrial architecture and complex machinery. A few weeks ago I posted a picture of an old silo in the Düsseldorf Medienhafen on Twitter which I think might become the first in a series of posts. To that end, I spent a little while walking around the industrial part of Düsseldorf-Flingern in the hope of finding similar sights.

The haul from this first trip isn’t quite what I had in mind. Due to inclement weather, I didn’t get to any of the old/abandoned factories in Flingern, which probably would’ve been more interesting. Next time.

MVA (2)

MVA (3)

MVA (1)

No Parking (2)

Vancouver Pictures Part 2

When I cam back from Vancouver in February, I was a bit disappointed with the pictures I had brought back from that trip. However, when I went through them again today, I found  a few that with some touch-up weren’t half bad.

Here they are; two pieces of classic Vancouver architecture: the Fairmont Hotel…

Fairmont Hotel (2)

Fairmont Hotel (1)

…and the entrance to the Marine Building. It bothers me that the latter is partially obscured by a tree branch. I should have gotten a better angle.

Marine Building (1)

Marine Building (2)