Close Firefox now made easier

Around the time Firefox 25 came out, I complained that I frequently got an error message saying the application was still running but not responding:

It seem some time between then and now (Firefox 35) they addressed this issue. First, the error message became far less frequent. And second, they added a helpful button to kill the unresponsive Firefox instance.


Nice UX improvement. Well done, Mozilla.


Vancouver in February

If you enjoy gray skies paired with a constant light drizzle, Vancouver in February is a great travel destination. Otherwise, you might pick some other time in the summer to visit the city.

I was there on business, so had no choice regarding the time of year. I also had very little time to go out an see the city. Combined with the aforementioned weather, the photos I brought back aren’t great. Here they are, anyway.

Lay-over in Frankfurt

Looking at the sky over Frankfurt on an early-morning train from Düsseldorf.

Himmel auf dem Weg nach Frankfurt

I actually wanted to photograph the monitor LCD in the background showing how the train was going close to 300km/h, but the camera decided to focus on the seat in front of me. Looks pretty artsy, nonetheless.



The city is surrounded by beautiful mountains, but it was only on a couple of occasions that one could actually see them.

Berge unter grauem Himmel

Most of the time it looked like this: an all-gray North Vancouver.

Graues North Vancouver

Devoid of any kind of human touch: entering the hotel room.

Tristesse Schwarzweiß

In addition to that, the hotel was also located beautifully right next to a freeway.

Freeway bei Nacht

Going home

The Lufthansa Boeing 747 waiting to take me home. As on other major airports, an HSBC advertisement isn’t far.

Boeing 747 vor dem Abflug mit HSBC-Werbung