Helicopter Flight over Hong Kong

When I was visiting New York City in 2008, I looked into helicopter tours of the city. At the time, though, they seemed too expensive, and I discarded the idea. I have regretted that decision ever since. Because seeing a city – but particularly one with so many high-rise buildings such as New York City or Hong Kong – from the air gives one a totally different perspective compared to just seeing it from ground-level.

So when going to Hong Kong (see pictures [1] and [2]), I decided that I was going to see it from above (almost) regardless the cost. From what I found, there aren’t many such tours in Hong Kong if you don’t intend on renting out an entire helicopter. The one I used was Heliservices Hong Kong. Trying to book online, they seem to require you to purchase at least four seats. I emailed them about that and they were super nice and gave me the remaining seat on one of their flights.

Below is my raw footage from that flight. It was shot handheld, so it’s a bit shaky, though the camera did a pretty good job of steadying it most of the time. There are couple of scenes where I tried to zoom in, but these are just too shaky to really see anything. Also there is some glare with the sun reflecting in the window. Apologies for that.


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