More Hong Kong Pictures

I had posted two pictures from my recent trip to Hong Kong last week. After going through all 500 or so of them this weekend, here are a few more.

The first thing to notice about Hong Kong is how densely packed everything is. I’ve been to New York which has a lot of skyscrapers, too, but Hong Kong just feels very differently. Maybe it’s because of how thin many of these high-rise buildings are; and the fact that many of them are residential. It’s also very interesting to see how people utilize these buildings’ roofs: setting up gardens, installing a large number of antenna or even building another little house there.

High-Rise Apartments (2)

High-Rise Apartments (4)

High-Rise Apartments (1)

High-Rise Apartments (3)

Architecturally more interesting are, of course, the high-rise office buildings on Hong Kong Island. It is said that the angular shape of the Bank of China building gives of negative Feng Shui. So to defend against that, two cannons were installed on top of the HSBC Main Building facing the Bank of China building (top left of the second picture).

Bank of China Building

HSBC Main Building

Speaking of HSBC, here’s their logo from way back when (seen at the Hong Kong Museum of History).

HSBC Sign in the Hong Kong Museum of History

When on Hong Kong Island, there are many areas where you can totally forget that you’re actually in China. The people, stores and cars on the streets are just like in any other world city. A few kilometers north, however, up Nathan Street in Kowloon, the scenery is totally different. I’ve never been to China proper, but what I’ve seen from pictures and in documentaries looks very much like Kowloon.

Nathan Street (1)

Nathan Street (2)

The fastest and most convenient way to get from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon is probably the subway (i.e. the MTR). It’s also very inexpensive: a trip from my hotel in Mong Kok to Central was only 12.50 HKD (less than 1.50 EUR). For one trip, however, I took the Star Ferry, which was also really cheap: 3.40 HKD to get from Central to Tsim Sha Tsui. Plus, you get a much nicer view of the skyline as you leave Hong Kong Island behind.

Star Ferry (1)

Star Ferry (2)

Skyline Hong Kong Island at Night

Finally, three miscellaneous pictures: A fun looking statue titled “Recliner with Head in Hands” I came across in a park on Hong Kong Island on my way to Wan Chai.

Recliner with Head in Hands

Something I had never seen before: lines on the ground marking where to queue for which bus. On one bus stop, there was a queue two blocks long; just person after person, orderly waiting for their bus to take them home.

Bus Stop

And last but nor least, a nice view of the roof of the departure hall of Hong Kong International Airport.

Departure Hall Hong Kong Airport

In the end, it has been way too short a stay. I had such a great time and hope to come back some day. I would really like to hike up or around Victoria Peak, for instance.


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