Another Weekend in Frankfurt

More than two years had passed since my last visit to Frankfurt so this past weekend I hopped on a train and went to see M. There isn’t much to say about the weekend other than that is was awesome. Thanks, M.

Below are some pictures; I particularly love the first one. Photoshop Express has done a really nice job of bringing out the best of it.

Ankunft in Frankfurt (1)

The Frankfurt Book Fair:

Buchmesse (1)

Buchmesse (2)

Messehalle Längst Schwarz-Weiß

Skyline at night in the rain:

Skyline im Regen bei Nacht (2)

[26-Oct-2014 Update] Here are two images missing from the original post.

I took these with one of M’s camera: a Sony Alpha 100. Unlike like my Alpha 58, the 100 is a classic DSLR and does not yet have Sony’s Single-Lens Translucent (SLT) technology. Since the 58 was the first real camera I bought, I wasn’t accustomed to the way the 100 works, and I must say, I really missed the electronic viewfinder. It’s so convenient to see the final image after you’ve made the shot without having to remove the camera from your eye and check the screen all the time.




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