Experimenting Some More

Normally, on a Sunday like this I would go running in one of the nearby parks. However, a month ago Düsseldorf was struck by one of the worst storms in recent history and about 17 000 trees in this city alone were destroyed or damaged.

The fire department (helped by other emergency services and even combat engineers from the army) did a tremendous job clearing the streets and allowing public transportation to resume within a few days. Despite the severity of the storm, the impact on public life was rather low.

The city’s many other patches of green including the parks I use to go for a run, though, are still not entirely safe again. So many of them have been closed off to the public out of fear that some loose branches might fall down (although I haven’t heard of anybody getting injured after the initial storm).

So instead of running, I took out my camera and shot what the areas I would usually run at looked like. Not a pretty picture.

Panorama Black & White

Detail Black & White

On a more positive note, here’s a shot I did experimenting with my new 18-250mm lens last week. After borrowing my father’s lens a while ago, I was so taken with its possibilities, I just had to get my own.

By the way, the bottom picture in that post was taken in the same park (though not the same spot) as the ones above. Once the park is accessible again, I’ll try to recreate the shot. I’m afraid there is going to be considerably less green there.


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