A few Days in Amsterdam

As I was putting together Travel Plans: Capitals of Europe, I noticed that I had never posted anything from my Amsterdam trip. That trip was in June 2013 and it is now April 2014. Better late than never, I suppose.


The feature of Amsterdam that made the most lasting impression on me was Vondelpark. I love cities with good public parks, but I hadn’t set out to find this one. It was just a lucky coincidence that my hotel was right outside the park and I still had an hours or so to kill until my room was ready. In the end, I went to the park every single day of my stay, walking around it or just sitting down to read/watch the people around me.

I was reading Capital at the time, very, very good book by the way, almost kept me from ever leaving Vondelpark and exploring the rest of the city. Shortly before I had been reading Jane Jacobs’ The Death and Life of Great American Cities, particularly the section on what makes good parks, and I think Vondelpark checks most, if not all of those boxes. I took a couple of pictures, but none of them really capture what was so great about the park; all these different people on foot or bike, going about their business or just passing through. Really quite wonderful.

Around Town

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t too good the two days I stayed in Amsterdam, so these photos are all a bit gray, alas.





Blick von der Westerkerk

Random Observations

A funny combination: a New York City taxi cab, with Düsseldorf (Germany) license plates on the streets of Amsterdam.

NYC Cab from Düsseldorf in Amsterdam

I noticed this in Luxembourg as well: their Fanta Orange – one of my favorite soft-drinks – is so much paler than the Fanta Orange we have in Germany.

Pale Fanta


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