Travel Plans: Capitals of Europe

With my upcoming trip to Luxembourg for the second time this year I will be able to cross a city off the list of European capitals I want to visit.

Country City Visited
Austria Vienna 2017
Belgium Brussels 2001
Czech Republic Prague 2002
Denmark Copenhagen 2018
Finland Helsinki
France Paris 2009, 2015, 2017
Germany Berlin 2001, 2003
Greece Athens
Hungary Budapest 2007, 2017
Iceland Reykjavik 2014
Ireland Dublin
Italy Rome 2016
Luxembourg Luxembourg 2014
Netherlands Amsterdam 2013
Norway Oslo 2012
Poland Warsaw
Portugal Lisbon 2018
Slovakia Bratislava
Slovenia Ljubljana 2018
Spain Madrid
Sweden Stockholm
Switzerland Bern 2015/16
United Kingdom London 2007, 2015
Vatican Vatican City 2016

Over time I will be putting links behind the years as I visit them. I also noticed that I never got around to posting pictures from last year’s trip to Amsterdam. I will do that in due time as well.

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