It’s Nice to Have Options

When I originally bought my Surface Pro, I got it with a Touch Cover. The Touch Cover was thin, light and I had heard good things about the typing experience.

It's Nice to Have Options 2

And for the first couple of months that was true. But over time, I got the feeling that the sensitivity of the touch keyboard was deteriorating. More and more often, I had to hit keys multiple times until they were recognized. As a somewhat fast typist, this was getting annoying.

Therefore I got myself a Type Cover 2 as well. Contrary to what I had expected based on the specs alone, it doesn’t actually feel that much thicker or heavier. But it does provide a much better typing experience than the Touch Cover. Though, of course it cannot beat the regular sized keyboard and mouse I use when the Surface Pro is docked at home.

Nonetheless, I think each kind of these keyboards has it’s own use-case. So I use a

  • Touch Cover when I use the Surface Pro on the road in tablet-mode and I just want a cover to protect the screen.
  • Type Cover when I use the Surface Pro on the road in tablet-mode but expect to do some typing, e.g. taking notes in a meeting.
  • Regular keyboard and mouse at home or on the road for heavy duty typing when the extra baggage is not an issue.

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