Impressions from Maker Faire Hannover

Yesterday, I was in Hannover attending Maker Faire. There were a lot more people there than I had expected and also a ton of interesting and cool things to see and here.

A favorite among the electronics crowd was Arduino. There wasn’t a project that didn’t use these inexpensive microcontrollers. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any .NET Gadgeteer projects there. The Microsoft presence was limited to a developer evangelist presentation and Q&A about Kinect for Windows; although he said that at Maker Faires in the US, Microsoft was much more involved. I seriously considered getting an Arduino starter kit, but I guess I should first put the .NET Gadgeteer starter kit I have had for almost two years to better use.

Another favorite among the exhibitors: 3D printers. At pretty much every other stand there was a 3D printer. All different kinds of models and modes of operation. Here is the fabbster 3D printer hard at work printing my vase/sculpture (video and a picture of the final product below). It’s still a bit rough around the edges, but it was only a concept print anyway.

3D Printer at Work

3D Vase

But it wasn’t just about 3D printing. The beauty of this Maker Faire was the breadth of topics. There were

  • quadcopters (see video at the end),
  • human-sized robots playing bass guitar which you can hear in the background of the quadcopter video
  • plastic and wooden jewelry designed on a computer and cut by laser cutters,
  • steam punk objects (see picture of a laptop below),
  • a presentation on how to use Kinect for Windows to create cool new applications and user interactions (incl. a glimpse at what the Kinect coming with Xbox One will be able to do)
  • Railuino, an Arduino based controller plus Android app for Märklin model trains
  • tons of other things…

Overall it was just a huge festival celebrating everything Maker. Pretty cool. Here are some more random pictures from the event.

Maker Faire Banner

Another 3D Printer


Steam Punk


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