Quick trip to the North Sea

When my Mom returned from a sailing trip the other day I tagged along with my Dad to drive up to Bremerhaven to pick her up. To be honest, there’s a lot about sailing on a tall ship I don’t get: in addition to the obvious question, why anyone would pay money to cram themselves into these tiny compartments and work eight hours a day, I have always been skeptical about why sailors have so many knots. Check out that article, their numbers are ridiculous. I think it’s just to make themselves look important and the rest of us feel like idiots. I think, science should by now have converged on a single knot that combines the best aspects of all the other ones. Hence consolidation in the knot market is definitely overdue.

Fedderwardersiel Harbor

Regardless, it was fun seeing Butjadingen again. When I was a kid (some twenty years ago) our family had been vacationing there a couple of times and seeing the places again, the memories returned of all the fun times we had had there.

For lunch we stopped in Fedderwardersiel a tiny, but really beautiful fishing town. And though I don’t normally fancy fish, it felt inappropriate to order steak. So I had the fish platter at Dat Havenhuus (“the harbor house”) which was really good in fact.

Looking Out To Sea

On the way back, we must have passed by a few hundred wind turbines, which the landscape has been dotted with over the years. You literally can’t turn anywhere without seeing a couple of them in the distance. It’s actually a bit of an eyesore when looking over the otherwise completely flat countryside with its uninhibited vistas.

It has been awhile since my Israel vacation. And since I don’t think I will be able to go on another big vacation anytime soon, I have planned a couple more of these quick trips to other parts of Germany for the coming months. In May I am going to Korbach with our drama group (again), and I also want to go see Frankfurt (I’m finally going to take you up on that offer, M) and Münster this summer. Stay tuned…

Post scriptum: Pictures are courtesy of my Dad, taken under my supervision and instruction, and published here with his permission.


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