First Steps with .NET Gadgeteer: Awesome

Yesterday I got my .NET Gadgeteer FEZ Starter Kit in the mail. Today, I had some free time and decided to give the kit a try.

.NET Gadgeteer

The first steps couldn’t have been easier. After installing Visual Studio and the other SDK bits, I followed the instructions from the Getting Started guide and within minutes had a system that at the press of a button took a picture and displayed it on the LC display.

GadgeteerPictureBecause I wanted to have a picture to go with this post I connected the SD card adapter. Merely by looking through what IntelliSense displayed for it I was able to mount the file system and create a file on the card. After a quick search on their excellent online documentation I had everything I needed to write the code to take a picture and save it as a bitmap file on the SD card. You can see the result on the right (after a conversion to JPEG so it can be displayed on the web). It was that easy.

Tomorrow, I want to try out the other parts that came with the starter kit. As you can see from the picture above, there are a lot of them. I don’t yet have a concrete project in mind, but given the tons of tutorials, GHI Electronics has, I will probably have no problem finding an inspiration.


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