111 Places to See in Düsseldorf

Schöne Aussicht

A while back I got this really interesting book of 111 places to see in Düsseldorf (in German) after reading its review in the local newspaper. It’s not the usual touristy thing, but contains some rather out-of-the-way and sometimes odd and unexpected places. Below is a complete list where I have marked all the places that

  1. I have seen (46),
  2. I know or have at least heard of but haven’t seen (24),
  3. I have never even heard of (41).

Going forward, as time permits, I would like to visit those I haven’t seen so far and eventually see most if not all of them. The first one (#90) I have already checked off, as the picture above proves. I will keep you updated on my progress in this undertaking.

1 Ackerstraße Been there
2 Alte Golzheimer Friedhof Know of
3 Apsis von St. Margareta Know of
4 Aschlökchen Never heard of
5 Atelierhaus Walzwerkstraße Never heard of
6 Berger Kirche Know of
7 Bilker Sternwarte Never heard of
8 Blumenlädchen am Barbarossaplatz Been there
9 Blutkapelle Never heard of
10 Bolkerstraße Been there
11 Bootshafen am Unterbacher See Know of
12 Botanischer Garten Been there
13 Burghof-Mauer Been there
14 Carlsplatz Been there
15 Carsch-Haus Been there
16 Düsseldorfer Malerschule im museum kunst palast Never heard of
17 Düsselquelle Never heard of
18 Ecke Tußmann- und Motkestraße Been there
19 Eisstadion an der Brehmstraße Been there
20 Ende der Zollstraße Never heard of
21 Engländerwiese Know of
22 Esskastanienallee Been there
23 Fähre nach Zons Been there
24 Filmmuseum und die Black Box Know of
25 Flinger Broich Know of
26 Frauensteine Never heard of
27 Fußgängerbrücke im Medienhafen Been there
28 Galerie Simonis Never heard of
29 GAP 15 Been there
30 Gehry-Bauten Been there
31 Gnadenauge der Maxkirche Never heard of
32 Goethe-Museum im Schloss Jägerhof Never heard of
33 Goldene Brücke im Hofgarten Been there
34 Grabbeplatz Been there
35 Grabmal Wilhelm des Reichen Never heard of
36 Greifweg Never heard of
37 Hand von St. Suitbertus Never heard of
38 Haus der Ey Know of
39 Haus Zum Neuen Schelfisch Never heard of
40 Heine Haus Been there
41 Hetjens-Museum Know of
42 Heyebad Never heard of
43 Himmelgeister Kastanie Been there
44 Hungerturm Been there
45 Hunsrückstraße 16 Never heard of
46 Internationale Bushaltestelle Never heard of
47 Japan Store Never heard of
48 Junge Rheinland im Stadtmuseum Never heard of
49 K20 Been there
50 K21 Know of
51 Kaiserpfalz Been there
52 Kaiserswerther Deich Been there
53 Karlrobert-Kreiten-Stolperstein Never heard of
54 Killepitsch-Stube Know of
55 KIT Know of
56 Kölner Straße Been there
57 Konrad Fischer Galerie Never heard of
58 Konsortium Never heard of
59 Kreuzherreneck Never heard of
60 Kreuzstation am Lindenplatz Been there
61 Kunstakademie Know of
62 Kunsthalle Know of
63 Lantz’sche Park Know of
64 Lassalle-Gedächtnisstätte Never heard of
65 Malkasten-Park Know of
66 Marokkanisches Viertel Never heard of
67 Mausoleum in der Andreaskirche Never heard of
68 Münstertherme Know of
69 Napoleonsecke im Schiffchen Never heard of
70 Neandertal Been there
71 Nitribitt-Grab Never heard of
72 NRW-Forum im Ehrenhof Been there
73 Oberbilker Markt Been there
74 Park am Spee’schen Graben Been there
75 Rahmenmuseum Never heard of
76 Ratinger Straße Been there
77 Ratinger Tor Been there
78 Raum 20 Never heard of
79 Reeser Platz Know of
80 Reinraum Never heard of
81 Reiterstandbild auf dem Marktplatz Been there
82 Rheinuferpromenade Been there
83 Rheinwiesen Been there
84 Rochuskirche Know of
85 Salon des Amateurs Know of
86 Schloss in Benrath Been there
87 Schloss Mickeln Know of
88 Schlosstreppe Been there
89 Schlossturm Been there
90 Schöne Aussicht Been there
91 Schwanenmarkt Never heard of
92 Schwarzwald-Christel Never heard of
93 Seufzer-Allee im Hofgarten Been there
94 Siedlung Freie Erde im Eller Forst Never heard of
95 Souterrain im Cafè Muggel Been there
96 Stadterhebungsmonument Been there
97 Stindermühle Never heard of
98 Stoffler Kapellchen Never heard of
99 Stresemannplatz Never heard of
100 Tausendfüßler Been there
101 Trödelmarkt am Aachener Platz Been there
102 Uerige Know of
103 Urdenbacher Kämpe Never heard of
104 Volksgarten Been there
105 Volkshaus Been there
106 Yede-Gör Never heard of
107 zakk Know of
108 ZERO-Atelier Never heard of
109 Zicke Know of
110 Zoo Been there
111 Zwischen Luegplatz und Belsenplatz Been there

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