Goodbye Dated Technology

I’m happy to report that I’ve been making progress in my ongoing effort to get rid of stuff: Over Christmas, I’ve helped my parents sort through their pile of no-longer used tech-equipment and in the process have gotten rid of a bunch of old cables, CD and floppy drives, and other assorted pieces of dated technology myself. It was amazing how much of this stuff had piled up over the years: hard disks that seemed extremely large when they were bought, but are now really tiny (anybody care for a 160GB IDE disk?); or a couple of routers and other telecom equipment one gets for free when getting a new contract or switching internet providers, but never uses because the one router one has is working just fine.

Goodbye Parallel Port

Today then, I finally kissed goodbye my trusty old HP Deskjet 895cxi. the ink cartridge had dried up and since I’m barely printing things anymore, it’s time had come. Although I should note that it has functioned flawlessly until the very end under Windows 7 with no driver issues whatsoever. I guess it pays to buy rom a company like HP that even after many, many years still provides drivers for their old printers. From what I hear from colleagues who bought cheaper printers only to find out after a few years, those wouldn’t work under the latest version of Windows, because the manufacturer didn’t bother providing an updated driver. Now, after almost ten years of wonderful service, it’s headed for the recycling station. This also means that my last device to still use a parallel port (pictured above) is now retired. From now on, it’s only USB, baby.


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