Windows Phone 7 Review

Not since the Microsoft Courier – although ultimately it didn’t materialize – have I been so excited about a piece of technology from Microsoft. The other big release from Redmond this year, Office 2010, looked good initially, but was kind of a bust in the end.

MobileCrunch now has a fairly exhaustive review up, discussing the various aspects of the phone and how it does things differently from its competition. This sentence at the end sums up Windows Phone 7 and its roots in Windows Mobile quite nicely, I think:

Tinkering with Windows Phone 7 is like finding out that the little girl who was kind of a punk to you in second grade somehow managed to grow up kind of cool — and to top it off, she’s actually sort of hot.

It’s good to see that Microsoft didn’t just build an iPhone or Android clone, but came up with ideas uniquely their own. We’ll have to see how the market welcomes it, though I already know, I’m going to get one the day HTC releases their successor to the HD2 with Windows Phone 7 (like maybe this beast, although it’s only a concept).


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