Too bad: Microsoft Courier canceled

Even though Microsoft never publicly confirmed that the Courier would actually ship, I was very excited about the prospect of them releasing such an innovative piece of technology. Unfortunately, they have just confirmed that the Courier is canceled.

But maybe some of the technology will live on in Surface. This video shows some of the things around improving touch interfaces that they have been working on. When I first used an iPod touch, I fell in love with touch interfaces and they are so easy, even a child can figure them out.

Nonetheless, as companies like Apple use not only what I would call the basic, intuitive gestures such as tapping, pinching to zoom, swiping and maybe one or two more, but more complex ones (swiping with two or three fingers for more advanced operations), I think touch’s inherent intuitiveness is lost.

So I really liked how in the video above they are taking touch on the Surface to the next level by combining it with other input devices like the pen. Or other on-screen objects like when they cut one photo along the side of another. This seems to be the right direction for touch to be going. Too bad it won’t be available in as nice a form factor as the Courier.


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