Pictures from Israel, part 2

Now that I’m back again, here are a couple more pictures from my recent Israel trip. Part 1 is here. I should note that all these pictures are courtesy of M.

This is the view from one end of the Yad Vashem holocaust museum towards Jerusalem. The museum is quite spectacular: Like the Met in New York City  it’s one of those museums, where the museum building and surrounding park are as much worth the visit as the actual exhibition.

The following two are from Caesarea, a port city built in Roman times. In each of the following periods of settlement (Byzantine, Crusader…), some parts of the city have been rebuilt. For instance, as can be seen in the second picture, during the Byzantine period the interior of the hippodrome was built up with houses on the left while the right was converted into a amphitheater.

The next one is from Beit She’an. This ancient Roman town had once a population of 40,000 people and was thus larger than Jerusalem at the time. Again, the original Roman town has been heavily modified in the Byzantine period and there are several relicts visible from both periods. Alas, as you can see in the picture, many pieces are still lying around, awaiting proper reconstruction. Nonetheless, walking through the streets there, one does get an idea of how monumental this city must have been once.

This last one is a view from Masada down towards the Dead Sea. Unfortunately, this pictures doesn’t do justice to the magnificent view one has from this fortress atop a mountain.


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