Amazing new Photoshop feature: Content-Aware Fill

As you can probably tell from the quality of the pictures on this site, I’m not really into photography. I have a 100 Euro camera and only rarely take pictures with it and rely on Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 for all my picture editing needs. As I lack the experience and/or talent necessary for more advanced photo editing, I don’t do much with it, just some simple touching up, color correction, cropping, maybe removing some unwanted items from the picture. In short, I let Photoshop and its magic do most of the work.

Enter Content-Aware Fill which is a new feature Adobe is developing for Photoshop that would be perfect for me. It’s basically like the existing tools for cleaning up pictures, only it’s a lot smarter about how it removes items from a picture and fills the area formerly occupied by those items. Best to see for yourself over on CrunchGear:


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