In Israel for a week

If all goes well I’ll be in Israel for a week to visit a certain someone there. If she let’s me use her computer, I’ll try to post pictures while I’m there. Look for posts tagged Israel.

It’s kind of sad I can’t bring my own computer, but my current 15-inch laptop is just not the right size to bring along on a trip like that. Even though I’ve repeatedly said that they occupy a weird stuck-in-the-middle position, I was actually thinking about buying a netbook for such travel. However, since I don’t get to travel that much, that is a bit too expensive.

If only the Microsoft Courier was already available. That thing would be perfect for what I had in mind: light and with a small form factor to take it everywhere I go, yet big enough to check my mail occasionally, do some web browsing, look at pictures and watch video on the plane. Ok, the booklet form factor might not be that well-suited for video, but it would be so much better than having to go without a computer for a week.

Reading material for the trip: From Beirut to Jerusalem by Thomas L. Friedman; seems fitting.


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