No more Household Chores for Me

Household chores suck. Seriously. They are tiresome and I’m not very efficient performing them, so it takes me forever to clean my apartment, even though it’s not that big. Also, I don’t see a lasting benefit to me cleaning, as soon enough the apartment will be dirty again. Thankfully, somebody at iRobot felt my pain (I assume) and invented the Roomba.

I don’t know why I have been waiting this long to get one, but a week a go I finally took the leap and ordered a third generation Roomba 555 from Amazon. This isn’t the high end model, so it doesn’t support the Lighthouse mode on the virtual walls, but it does have all the features I think I am gonna need: it can be programmed with a schedule to clean during the day and when I come home from work, my apartment will be clean. Also, it automatically finds its base station and returns to it when it is done with its work or it is running out of power. Its infrared sensors detect obstacles reliably, so it touches them gently instead of bumping into them like early generation Roombas. So basically, I should be able to have it do its thing automatically and never again worry about vacuuming.

And the best part, unlike some cheaper robots I had read about in reviews that promise all this too, the Roomba actually makes true on these promises. The other day, I just turned it on and went a way for an hour. When I came back, it had cleaned all rooms whose doors I had left open and was back docked to its base station recharging. In fact, it had done a much better job at cleaning than I would have with my old vacuum cleaner in a couple of hard to reach spots under the kitchen table. After its first tour through the apartment, it had already collected much more dust than there could possibly have been on the floor. So either the dust bin came pre-filled with some dirt (possible, but unlikely, I would say), or the Roomba is much better at cleaning than I am.

Additionally, the Roomba has made vacuuming fun again. I mean, just watching this thing work its way around obstacles and finding its way around the apartment is worth it. Vacuuming has never been his enjoyable before. Thank you iRobot.


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