Going to Paris in November

I will be going to Paris, France for a couple of days in mid-November. Naturally, I checked Joobili to see if there was anything going on while I would be there. Alas, there is nothing for that period of time(*). This is really a shame, because the Paris tourism office has a lot of information on their site. Too bad, that information is presented so poorly that doesn’t really help me find the inspiration I was looking for. I mean, why does the tourism office still advertise events from September 2009 and how does a plain list with the names of more than a thousand events and exhibitions help me, when I am looking for events between Nov 11th and 14th? On the plus side, they do have a page listing museums where under 26-year-olds have free admission, which is perfect timing for me.

I was wondering if there were any other travel sites you guys would recommend to prepare my trip. For booking hotels and flights I like opodo. It was founded by Lufthansa and several other European airlines in 2001, which means I am comfortable with entrusting it my credit card information. I also found tripadvisor.com to indispensable when looking for reviews on hotels.

However, none of these sites helped me with my initial problem, which was to narrow down the large number of hotels to those that I would even consider staying at. While most sites can filter hotels by various criteria (price, distance to city center etc.), this doesn’t help me with my most paramount question: what are affordable hotels in a good part of town? I wish there was a site that would show like a map of a city indicating what areas in town are “good” and which one might want to avoid. I was lucky this time to be provided with detailed information about the different arrondissements (districts) of Paris by my friend, but I think this would be a common problem more travelers should be faced with, no?


(*) Ok, that’s not entirely true, since there is the BNP Paribas Masters, but I’m not that into tennis, thank you very much.


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