Still figuring it out…

So here I am, blogging. Yes, I am one of Them now. Back in 2004 when I first heard of these people with blogs I thought what would motivate one, to put their often uninteresting and/or irrelevant thoughts out there. I was skeptical what use there way for personal blogs, how they would fit with established patterns of communication and place blogs would eventually take in society.

I must say that five years later I still don’t have a good answer to that question. Nonetheless, blogs have certainly established themselves as important tools of communication. It only seems prudent to give it a shot and figure out what I could do with a blog. So from now on, I to will be putting my uninteresting and or irrelevant thoughts out there. Come along if you like, or leave now if you don’t. Your call.

Style and Topics

I have long hesitated to give blogging a try mainly for not knowing what I would actually be writing about and in format I should it. Some of the best blogs out there publish one well researched, thought out and written essay every few weeks. Others take it upon themselves to merely comment on other’s work with limited original thought. I knew that I don’t have time and smarts to do the former and would not want to be doing the latter. So my current plan is to start with the latter and as I’m getting more practice maybe over time move up to doing the former.

Topic-wise, I wouldn’t want to limit myself to any one topic right now. There are a lot of things that interest me and I would like to use this blog to comment on anyone of them as I see fit. As one main area of interest for me is technology, this should be a common topic on this blog. Other areas might be science (astronomy in particular), travel but also more mundane stuff like TV series I enjoy. Although I have firm views in the areas of religion and politics, I will stay away from these topics as they seem to be the source of endless pointless discussions whenever someone voices an opinion about something in this area one way or the other.

So this is my plan for this blog. Let’s see how it goes.


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