A few Hours in Malmö

While in Copenhagen last week, I decided to take train across the Øresund Bridge to Malmö.

Øresund Bridge

Unfortunately, it was a terribly rainy day and I got very few good pictures.

Malmö Beach (3)

Architecturally the most impressive sight in Malmö has to be the Turning Torso building standing out distinctly from the Malmö skyline.

Malmö Beach (2)Malmö Turning Torso (1)Malmö Turning Torso (2)


Pictures from Copenhagen Part 6: Miscellaneous

This final part in my Copenhagen series contains pictures that didn’t fit neatly into any of the other five posts, such as these details from Christiansborg Slot.

Quiet areas behind the design museum (left) and the art museum off Nyhavn (right).


“Fragments of Niceness”, a wonderful idea for decorating the hoarding around the construction site on Kongens Nytorv.

I noticed that many street lights in Copenhagen where suspended from such rather complex three-wire constructs, while in every other city I can remember there would usually be just one wire. Don’t know why…

Copenhagen Details (2)

Pictures from Copenhagen Part 1

After my trip to Ljubljana last month I was lucky to able to take another city off my list of European capitals to visit: Copenhagen. And I must say, while visiting these cities, many are wonderful places to see for a holiday, but only Copenhagen is a city I could actually picture myself living in.

Copenhagen just has it all: steeped in the history of 1000 years of Danish monarchy, small-town charm, modern architecture, a beach close to downtown, and excellent public transportation to get around.