Industry in Düsseldorf-Flingern

I have recently become fascinated with industrial architecture and complex machinery. A few weeks ago I posted a picture of an old silo in the Düsseldorf Medienhafen on Twitter which I think might become the first in a series of posts. To that end, I spent a little while walking around the industrial part of Düsseldorf-Flingern in the hope of finding similar sights.

The haul from this first trip isn’t quite what I had in mind. Due to inclement weather, I didn’t get to any of the old/abandoned factories in Flingern, which probably would’ve been more interesting. Next time.

MVA (2)

MVA (3)

MVA (1)

No Parking (2)

Vancouver Pictures Part 2

When I cam back from Vancouver in February, I was a bit disappointed with the pictures I had brought back from that trip. However, when I went through them again today, I found  a few that with some touch-up weren’t half bad.

Here they are; two pieces of classic Vancouver architecture: the Fairmont Hotel…

Fairmont Hotel (2)

Fairmont Hotel (1)

…and the entrance to the Marine Building. It bothers me that the latter is partially obscured by a tree branch. I should have gotten a better angle.

Marine Building (1)

Marine Building (2)

In Heidelberg

After a busy Maskerade week, I needed some time away to clear my head, so I decided to spend a few days in Heidelberg. A number of people had told me how beautiful the city was, but I’d never actually been there myself.


View from the castle

On my first day, it was pretty gray and cold. At some point it started to rain a little and I almost turned back to the hotel.

Graue Wolken am Himmel

I’m glad, though, I didn’t, because while I climbed the 300+ stairs to the castle, the sun came out, and I was able to enjoy a wonderful view over the old city.

Stadtpanorama vom Schloss aus

Stadt vom Schloss aus

Schlossturm mit abgesprengter Mauer

Philosopher’s Walk (“Philosophenweg”)

On my second day, I went to the other side of the Neckar to hike on the Philosopher’s Walk, a path just opposite the old town. While you feel like being in nature, the city is never really that far away. I actually came across a lot of joggers taking advantage of this.

I went in mid-morning when the sun is just opposite the Philosopher’s Walk behind the city. Hence, it was nice and warm, but the city was back-lit, making for some not so great pictures.

Neckarpanorama von der Theodeor-Heuss-Brücke aus

Baum am Philosophenweg


Alte Brücke

Maskerade 2015

In recent times I haven’t posted much in the Theater category. Since most people with an interest in theater are on Facebook, I’ve used that to socialize. This week, however, is Maskerade week and I just have to give it a shout-out here as well.

Maskerade is a bi-annual festival for school drama-groups, three weeks before Easter. It’s the single biggest item in the event calendar at my high school (pictured below).


It’s run by a core team of ten or so people (including myself) who are supported by many more from the entire school community (teachers, parents and both current and former students).

My school is very lucky to have semi-professional sound and lighting equipment, so we can provide excellent conditions for the other groups. It’s a lot of work, but it is so rewarding to see our stage transform into a completely different setting for each performance and see how the other groups utilize the space.

Moments in pictures

The Maskerade banner. Unfortunately, because of the dark-green color scheme, it’s a bit hard to see for passers-by. Something to consider for Maskerade 2017.

Maskerdeposter (schmal)

Setting up the decorations on opening day (note: while I helped hanging them, I had no involvement in choosing the colors of the balloons).


Opening ceremony with Düsseldorf’s mayor Thomas Geisel.


The stage on Saturday morning, waiting to be set up for the first of five plays this weekend.


And a few hours later, looking completely different.


There are pictures from each of the performances on the Maskerade website and its Facebook page, e.g. from our performance of Wie Fliegen on Wednesday. It’s a great play that I really loved creating the lighting design for.

Close Firefox now made easier

Around the time Firefox 25 came out, I complained that I frequently got an error message saying the application was still running but not responding:

It seem some time between then and now (Firefox 35) they addressed this issue. First, the error message became far less frequent. And second, they added a helpful button to kill the unresponsive Firefox instance.


Nice UX improvement. Well done, Mozilla.

When to Use which Social Media

I noticed there is a strong correlation between how much free time I have, and which social media I frequent:

  • If I’m working and therefore have little to no free time, I won’t use any social media at all.
  • If I’m traveling, you’ll read about it on this blog.
  • If I’m doing something related to the theater, I’ll post about it on Facebook.
  • If I have some free time to catch up on items in my news reader, I’ll probably post some of them on Twitter.
  • If I have more free time, I’ll write something about software here.
  • And if I have a lot of free time, I’ll be on Xbox Live.

This list is dedicated to M who I know loves this kind of stuff.