Part of the reason I bought a Sony Alpha 58 was the fact that I could share lenses with my father and sister who also have Sony Alphas. So this week I borrowed my dad’s 18-250mm lens.

I’m very impressed with this lens’ versatility: here’s the tower of the church from across the street as I normally see it and then fully zoomed in.

Kirchturmspitze (1)

Kirchturmspitze (2)

I don’t think I ever want to go back to the measly 18-55mm kit lens I used to use.


Things to Read: Wish List Clearance

In Firefox, I keep one bookmarks folder as a wish list, containing links to the Amazon pages of books I would like to read some day. Whenever I see something I like, I add it to the list. And whenever I need something new to read, I go into that folder do an “Open All in Tabs” and pick one or two to buy.

As I don’t purchase books in the order that I bookmarked them, there are a couple of titles that have been on my wish list for quite some time, but for one reason or another have been trumped by others again and again and thus were never purchased.

So today, I purge these old timers from my wish list and publish them here instead. All of these books are great based on what I’ve heard about them, I just don’t think that after such a long time, I will ever get around to buying them.

Travel Plans: Capitals of Europe

With my upcoming trip to Luxembourg for the second time this year I will be able to cross off a city from the list of European capitals I want to visit.

Country City Last Visited
Austria Vienna  
Belgium Brussels 2001
Czech Republic Prague 2002
Denmark Copenhagen  
Finland Helsinki  
France Paris 2009
Germany Berlin 2003
Greece Athens  
Hungary Budapest 2007
Iceland Reykjavik 2014
Ireland Dublin  
Italy Rome  
Luxembourg Luxembourg 2014
Netherlands Amsterdam 2013
Norway Oslo 2012
Poland Warsaw  
Portugal Lisbon  
Spain Madrid  
Sweden Stockholm  
Switzerland Bern  
UK London 2007

Over time I will be putting links behind the years as I visit them. I also noticed that I never got around to posting pictures from last year’s trip to Amsterdam. I will do that in due time as well.

It’s Nice to Have Options

When I originally bought my Surface Pro, I got it with a Touch Cover. The Touch Cover was thin, light and I had heard good things about the typing experience.

It's Nice to Have Options 2

And for the first couple of months that was true. But over time, I got the feeling that the sensitivity of the touch keyboard was deteriorating. More and more often, I had to hit keys multiple times until they were recognized. As a somewhat fast typist, this was getting annoying.

Therefore I got myself a Type Cover 2 as well. Contrary to what I had expected based on the specs alone, it doesn’t actually feel that much thicker or heavier. But it does provide a much better typing experience than the Touch Cover. Though, of course it cannot beat the regular sized keyboard and mouse I use when the Surface Pro is docked at home.

Nonetheless, I think each kind of these keyboards has it’s own use-case. So I use a

  • Touch Cover when I use the Surface Pro on the road in tablet-mode and I just want a cover to protect the screen.
  • Type Cover when I use the Surface Pro on the road in tablet-mode but expect to do some typing, e.g. taking notes in a meeting.
  • Regular keyboard and mouse at home or on the road for heavy duty typing when the extra baggage is not an issue.